Philippine Competition Commission

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    25/F Tower 1, Vertis North Corporate Center, North Avenue, Quezon City 1105

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  • The Philippine Competition Commission (PCC), established on February 1, 2016, is an independent, quasi-judicial body mandated to implement and enforce the Philippine Competition Act (PCA) or R.A.10667, which serves as the primary competition law in the Philippines.

    PCC institutes a regulatory environment for competition in the marketplace to:

    1) Protect consumers by giving them more choice over goods and services at lower prices in the market, and;

    2) Promote competitive businesses, large or small, that will in turn encourage economic efficiency and innovation in the country.

    In its capacity as a regulatory body, the PCC will help protect markets in the Philippines from anti-competitive behavior, thereby protecting consumers from having their choices unfairly limited by companies that seek to severely limit these choices in order to increase profits. Effective protection of competition in the market will also protect small and medium businesses seeking to offer better quality and/or lower priced goods and services by ensuring that dominant players do not engage in practices that unfairly takes advantage of their market share.

    A stable fair playing field is expected to result in greater interest among foreign investors, which in turn would lead to an expansion of the market, and opening global opportunities for Filipino companies, big or small.