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New ACAP 2025 and Implementation Schedule 2021-2025


Entering its 5 years of implementation, the ASEAN Competition Action Plan (ACAP) 2016-2025 was reviewed to take stock of the current implementation status of the ACAP, reviewing achievements and shortcomings, drawing relevant lessons for adjustment(s) and refinement(s), and developing a new Implementation Schedule for the 2021-2025 period. The Mid-term Review (MTR) of the ACAP 2025 was carried out between May and October 2020. The ACAP initiatives were evaluated on its contribution towards the attainment of the strategic goals using five criteria, namely relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, coherence, and sustainability.

Overall, ASEAN has made good progress in the first five years (2016-2020) of the ACAP implementation. Out of the total number of 41 outcomes under the 5 Strategic Goals, 15 outcomes have been completed (equivalent to 37%), 19 are ongoing and continuing (i.e. around 46%) and only 7 are not yet started (i.e. around 17%) by August 2020. Considering the five criteria used during the review, ASEAN decided to add and modify several deliverables that would contribute further on the achievements of the strategic goals by 2025.

The updated ACAP 2025 has been endorsed to guide the ASEAN Experts Group on Competition (AEGC) for the next five years to achieve the strategic goals of the ACAP 2025. The updated ACAP 2025 includes new deliverables that is needed to be carried out over the next five years, based on the current competition landscape and trends in ASEAN and globally. The deliverables under the Plan includes developing an ASEAN Information Portal on Merger Cases, and developing an ASEAN Investigation Manual on Competition Policy and Law for the Digital Economy.

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