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Press Statement Re: Dito complaint vs Globe Telecom and Smart Communications

02 September 2022
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Re: Dito complaint vs Globe Telecom and Smart Communications
8 August 2022


The Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) has received today two separate complaints filed by Dito Telecommunity against Globe Telecom and Smart Communications for possible anti-competitive practice in their interconnection agreements.

Interconnection is an essential component of the telecommunications industry as it allows interoperability and exchange of calls, SMS, and other information from one network to another.
As such, our Competition Enforcement Office (CEO) is now evaluating the merits of Dito’s complaints. The Commission has 10 days within which to decide whether or not to give due course to the complaint. If given due course, our CEO will proceed to investigate the charges and if it subsequently finds sufficient basis, file with the Commission en banc a Statement of Objections against the allegedly erring entities.
The PCC shall also consult with the National Telecommunications Commission for related regulatory concerns.
—Johannes R. Bernabe
OIC Chairperson, Philippine Competition Commission