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ICN 2017: Advocacy Strategy in Traditional and New Markets

10 May 2017
News Singapore

Delegates from the Competition Commission of Singapore (“CCS”) attended the International Competition Network (ICN) Annual Conference 2017 in Porto, Portugal from 10 – 12 May 2017. The Annual Conference aims to take stock of the work done by the member agencies during the past year and as a forum for competition agencies and non-governmental advisors to share experience and discuss topics of interest. As part of the ICN Steering Group, CCS’s chief executive, Mr. Toh Han Li spoke at one of the plenary sessions titled “Advocacy Strategy in Traditional and New Markets: Which Differences”. He shared on some of the challenges in planning and implementing advocacy strategies in new and nascent markets in which competition authorities may struggle to grasp an understanding of the emerging business models and innovations and their impact on the competitive dynamics as opposed to “traditional” markets whose features are relatively well-known. 

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