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14 October 2022
News Indonesia

Jakarta (14/09) - Indonesia Competition Commission (ICC) is organizing an article writing competition to attract public interest on business competition and partnership issues. Such article writing competition constitutes the second time to be administered by ICC following its first organization in 2020. This year, ICC raises the theme "Enhancing Fair Competition and Supervision of MSME Partnerships, Rising Stronger Toward Developed Indonesia” as the main theme. The purpose of the competition is to enhance stakeholders' understanding of business competition law and partnership supervision as well as as a forum for writing and analyzing business competition issues to become inputs and new outlooks at ICC.

In order to be able to participate, the public can submit articles whether in the form of features/opinions, relating to the sub-themes determined and published in the mass media since the beginning of 2022. There are several sub-themes offered, namely:

  1. Prevention of Unfair Business Competition Practices through Business Competition Compliance Program;
  2. Law Enforcement and Business Competition Policy in Strengthening the National Economy;
  3. Fair Business Competition as Driving Forces of Economic Growth and Increase of Investments;
  4. Business Competition and Digital Economy; and
  5. MSMEs are Promoted through the Supervision of the Implementation of Partnerships by ICC.

Registration for this competition starts as of today and will close on November 6, 2022. For more information on the competition, pertaining to categories, article criteria, and incentives to be awarded, kindly obtain through the website