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CCCS-ESS Essay Competition 2024

05 February 2024
News Singapore

5 February 2024

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1. The Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (“CCCS”) and the Economic Society of Singapore (“ESS”) today launched the 6th CCCS-ESS Essay Competition. The topic for this year is “How should Competition and Consumer Protection rules evolve in the age of Artificial Intelligence?”.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming industries globally, automating processes, customising and enhancing customer experiences through chatbots and accelerating content creation. Businesses benefit from increased efficiency, while consumers experience personalised services. This advancement presents both challenges and opportunities for businesses and consumers, influencing how they interact with technology.

3. As AI integration becomes more prevalent and businesses begin to embrace the technology, questions arise about the role of competition and consumer protection in this landscape. The essay competition invites contestants to examine the role of competition and consumer protection laws and policies in supporting AI development in Singapore. Specifically, contestants may discuss, among others, how should rules and policies evolve to achieve a balance between fostering innovation and ensuring fair business practices to safeguard the interests of businesses and consumers. 

4. The essay competition has two categories:

a) “School” category: all post-secondary students (regardless of nationality) studying in Singapore in polytechnics, centralised institutes, international schools and junior colleges may apply. This includes students currently enrolled in the Integrated Programme (Year 5/6) or in the International Baccalaureate diploma programme. Current full-time national servicemen and/or students who have recently completed their education in the above-mentioned schools/programmes, and Singaporean students in such institutions/programmes (or equivalent) overseas may also participate.

b) “Open” category: all individuals living in Singapore as well as Singaporeans living overseas (excluding those who qualify under the “school” category).

5. The following awards will be given for the three best essays of each category:

1st prize:


2nd prize:


3rd prize:


Merit (3 prizes):

$300 x 3


6. The terms and conditions as well as entry forms for the CCCS-ESS Essay Competition are available on the CCCS website. The closing date for submission of entries is 31 May 2024.