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CCCS Consults on Proposed Changes to its Competition Guidelines

2020, Legislation Singapore

The Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (“CCCS”) has conducted a review of its Guidelines on the Competition Act (Cap. 50B) (the “Act”). The Guidelines outline the conceptual, analytical and procedural framework applied by CCCS in administering and enforcing the Act in Singapore.

Following its review, CCCS is seeking public feedback from 10 September to 8 October on proposed changes to the following Guidelines:

  1. CCCS Guidelines on the Treatment of Intellectual Property Rights;
  2. CCCS Guidelines on Market Definition;
  3. CCCS Guidelines on the Section 47 Prohibition;
  4. CCCS Guidelines on Enforcement, to be renamed as CCCS Guidelines on Remedies, Directions and Penalties;
  5. CCCS Guidelines on the Substantive Assessment of Mergers; and
  6. CCCS Guidelines on Merger Procedures.

Please view the full Media Release in PDF.